04 March 2011

Us guys typically aren't concerned with accessorizing but if your going to wear a nice suite and you want to make a statement the world,  A well positioned pocket square is a must.  Fellas dont be afraid to experiment with patterns and colors also you don't necessarily  have to  match your tie with your pocket square. Now go out there and look sharp.

03 March 2011

Every style guy should have a pair of hot dress shoes. You cant go wrong with a pair Wing Tips or Oxfords, go traditional or go bold but as long you went there.

26 February 2011

Ok! I think I'm starting to develop a shoe fetish here, so, I think I'll call these post( The shoes that I would like to see my girl in) clothing optional. I'll give you guys a min.  to ooooooogle! over Amber Rose's figure, ok now check out the those bad ass heels, sexy as hell, they are. This is Amber spotted at a London fashion show.

24 February 2011

Now, I'm more about mens fashion but not for nothing, I would love to have a beautiful lady Like Lala Vaquez Carmelo, rooting for me wearing these sexy, as all hell heels. Carmelo you are one blessed Guy, Welcome to NY.  Now Win us a champioship.

20 February 2011

The Third Annual London Tweed Run
I wouldn't mind all those damn bike lanes in NYC if I saw more people riding dressed like this, Bespoke Riders. Those English!!!

17 February 2011

2011 Sept.

2011 Feb.
With the exception of Perry Ellis, the brand that proves, that at 33yrs old, The brand can still churn out a line thats surprisingly fresh, lively and have appeal to younger buyers. This years Mercede's Benz fashion show 2011 for the men have been lack lustre at best. Thank GOD they have saved the best for last. RAULPH LAUREN, Nervously awaiting what he has in-store, I'm hoping that The house of RL  pulls out all the the stops to show that Mens wear is and should always be important to fashion week.

13 February 2011

Behind The Scenes @laureluxe fashion show in NY, NY A se-real Scene mixed of eclectic characters Chains and beautiful People (Freddy) franticly preparing them-selves for something that's near Imperial in it presentation. For more Photos from this set check link

08 February 2011

Great collaboration of these two disign aspect, it where as if, devine design took place. I cant wait to see the collection first hand.

07 February 2011

This is the multicoloured Jacket, I never wanted to have until now! A brilliant array of colors and yet, it still maintains a certain subtlety. In every way possible @Darujones jacket personifies all that which is DAF5 and Hip Hop as a whole.  A multicultural jamboree entranced by the many grooves of JDilla.
In The Quotes: Rare Form, “Donuts Are Forever” J Dilla Tribute